We all have that special knack for something. For most entrepreneurs, that skill might be the art of persuasion or the ability to convert a prospect to a sale. I’m guessing what keeps you in business is a love for relationship-building and providing customers with real solutions to their problems. My job as a Virtual Assistant is to create more room in your schedule so you can do whatever it is that you do BEST.

I want you to spend every day completing business tasks that you GENUINELY ENJOY, while I work behind-the-scenes to keep the leads coming in and automate day-to-day processes that you may have dreaded in the past. Let’s face it: not everyone loves staging press releases in PRWeb or spending hours sorting through images just to keep a Pinterest account going.

They often say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, it takes a virtual village to run an enterprise in this competitive world. I’m the best friend you’ve got with my compendium of resources, in-depth knowledge of internet marketing mediums, and Red Carpet customer service.

Here’s What I Can Offer You:


Customer Relationship Management

As your business grows, it can be challenging to respond to every query in a timely manner. I provide support to ensure that every one of your clients feel like he or she is your #1 Client.  Hence, I provide a ‘Red Carpet Experience.’

What Is “The Red Carpet Experience”?

My Virtual Assistance business is based on one core principle: THE RED CARPET EXPERIENCE.

Celebrities understand that there is a whole world open to them that the average person never sees. They are first in line for everything. They can shop boutiques after hours. They are treated to lavish meals, super discounts, and “white-glove” manners wherever they go. Special care and consideration is given to celebrities when they come into a business because managers understand the power of publicity that one person can possess.
I treat every client like a celebrity. This means I…

– Answer your every email, phone call, IM and text with a sense of urgency and importance
– Invest time in teaching you whatever skills you would like shared to enhance your abilities
– Believe in the sharing of relevant, engaging, and informative content to keep your customers engaged
– Keep in regular contact with updates, important memos and feedback on a schedule of your choosing
– Look for innovative and competitive ways to go over and beyond for you, and also for your customers
– Remember birthdays and special dates, act as your cheerleader, and look for opportunities to be thankful
– Fill your life with positivity, encouragement, support, and solutions to whatever is stressing you at the moment

Just to name a few…

Online Business Management

An Online Business Manager can be a Godsend when it comes to managing your business online. Essentially, I’ll help you manage your projects, operations, team members and metrics, so you can keep the ship sailing and focus on conversions and inspiring your upper-level management. It can be scary to hand over the reigns for some of these closely guarded facets of your business, but you will find that I can work with very minimal direction and that it’s rather freeing to give these areas their own set of wings to fly! Services may include…

– Project Management
– Metrics Management
– Operations Management
– Travel Account Management
– Revenue Stream and Billing Management
– Human Resources Management
– Joint Venture Account Management
– Product Launch Management
– Internal Communications Management

Local Area Marketing

Brick and mortar businesses rely upon local foot traffic to keep their shops open. However, we are finding that everyone is “going local” these days – even virtual businesses who want to zero-in on core target markets where their products and services tend to do very well.

– Create and maintain a WordPress blog site to make your brand more visible to search engines
– Strategize and implement integrated direct mail and email campaigns to help you reach local prospects
– Research local competitive keywords to boost your website’s search engine visibility
– Set up business profiles for: Insider Pages, Yelp, Google+ Local, Merchant Circle, Manta, Yellow Pages, Yahoo Local, Super Pages, City Search, Info USA, Bing Local, Angie’s List, BBB, and other relevant databases where prospects may be looking for your products or services.

You don’t need one more person to micromanage and stress over. You need a fully committed partner who will work tirelessly for your business as their own. You need someone you can depend upon to take an enormous weight off your shoulders and present the day’s affairs in a digestible and intelligent way. You need a friendly, pleasant person who will make you laugh, smile and feel motivated. You need someone who will give you the red carpet experience and tackle multiple roles seamlessly. You need a virtual assistant like me.

A Virtual Assistant’s work is never done. Press releases, blogs, social media, web design, virtual conferencing, PPC, online marketing, SEO, forum commenting, relationship management – I’ve done it all. Please do not hesitate to ask me about ANY online marketing task you have in mind. I’ve listed some of my most popular services here, but there is no way to cover the entire expanse of what I can do, without sounding like the college professor from hell!

Drop me a line here and I look forward to connecting with you.