It’s a wonderful thing if you are interested in any of my services.  However, it is not a given that you are right for my practice and that I’m the right VA for you. In order for any relationship to be successful, it must be built on a solid foundation.  That’s why I have a very deliberate two-step process for determining if we will be a good fit. I do not charge for this process.

Step 1Is a 15 minute initial consultation in which we hear each others voice, ask basic questions, introduce ourselves and see if we have a connection.

We can go into more detail about our respective backgrounds, focus more on your needs and how I can meet or not meet those needs, as well as why you want to work with and need a Virtual Assistant.

We will also talk with one another about our work styles.  This consultation is for filling in the particulars about ourselves, our businesses and get a feel for how we interact.

These general discussion topics will lead to a mutually fulfilling consultation.  We will be able to determine if we want to move forward in the consultation process.


Step 2Is a deeper discussion topics consultation.  This discussion can last up to 60 minutes.  We will get into issues of how we view our collaboration evolving.  This isn’t always an easy conversation, but it is a necessary one.

We’ll touch on issues of strategy, compatibility, time, thinking, communication and collaboration, goals, roles, expectations/boundaries around our business practices, conflict resolution solutions, sharing our values, potential issues, pet peeves, and any hot topics that might hinder our success if we were to work together.

It’s really best to confront these issues head on, rather than being surprised by them later on in our collaborative partnership.  This process is very different (and much more enjoyable) from the traditional interview process where one person asks questions and the other answers.  It’ll feel more like a conversation.

When we complete Step 2, we will make our decision about working together.  This process helps to lay the groundwork for a very productive and fulfilling relationship.  We will have created a collaborative relationship that is aligned well.