Carey Peters

“Larissa is AMAZING. I’m a Holistic Nutrition Coach, and I run a resource website for other Holistic Nutritionists called Coach Tools To Go.  Between coaching clients, promoting products, and keeping my resource website up to date, I was drowning in detail work. Larissa helped me decide which tasks to delegate to her capable hands and how to prioritize my tasks. It is such a RELIEF to hand projects over to her, because I totally trust her judgment, skills and knowledge.

And she masterfully took care of article marketing and researching high-quality JV partners, leaving me time to be far more productive with time to devise the strategy for growing my business. Larissa’s attitude, commitment, consistency and spirit make her a JOY to work with. I would recommend her to everyone!”

I just had to drop a line to say thank you so much for your rock-star support in my newest launch. I couldn’t do this without you! And I’m so glad to have had you as part of my team.”

Carey Peters, CHHC – Health Coach Institute


“Working with Larissa is a joy. She is efficient and a pleasure to work with. I can always count on Larissa to have work done correctly and on time.

Her professionalism is superb and outstanding. No matter how difficult the task, she is there when needed and completes the job as originally planned. Larissa’s sense of ease made any task easier to work and navigate through. I always appreciated the fact that I can delegate tasks to Larissa and feel confident in her ability to get it done. Her mannerism and professionalism makes working with her a delightful engagement.”

Michael Hoare
Michael Hoare Brand Management


Alliey“We had a fantastic experience working with Larissa on our website!

Anytime we had questions Larissa was quick to respond and very thorough in her communication.

She was extremely helpful in talking through all of our options and any issues as the site was being put together. She works efficiently and we are so happy with the final product!

Larissa is a great resource to have for your business or organization as she is knowledgeable and friendly to work with.

We can’t thank her enough for all of her hard work and time that she put into creating our site!”

Abby Hinz, Marketing Assistant
Events by Alliey


Ilene White“I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by Larissa Parks, owner of 7 Winds Virtual Assistance.

She not only helped me organize and better manage my company’s website but has provided me tools to look at my business more strategically.

The moment I contacted Larissa she was knowledgeable, responsive and thorough with all questions and concerns I had of website developing.

Larissa outperformed every expectation I had. As a client, I am very impressed and highly recommend Ms. Parks. Larissa was a pleasure to work with and is still always accommodating.”

Ilene White, Owner/Lead Event Planner
White WEDD & Events LLC


Chandani Chandekar“Larissa is the very best when it comes to creating a WordPress website! I hired her to help me in designing a website for my wedding planning business, Events By C.  Larissa edited the template I had selected to exactly what I was looking for and gave me some awesome ideas along the way.

Being someone who is not very familiar with WordPress, Larissa was very patient with me and answered every single one of my questions! Along with designing the site, Larissa also took the time to explain to me how I can make edits and changes to the site and also gave me tips on how to increase my SEO and make the most out of having a website.

Larissa is friendly, knowledgeable, and most of all has a passion for creating websites for business owners that will help them stand out! I highly recommend her for any WordPress based designing.”

Chandani Chandekar
Events By C


Jennifer Csajko“Larissa was an absolute pleasure to work with.

She was extremely patient with someone who knows nothing about websites and how they work.

She got back to me right away with answers to all of my questions (which were a lot).

I LOVE the way my website turned out. She was able to capture the essence of who I am and what my business is about. I would recommend Larissa to anyone who is looking to create a website for their business.

She was able to capture the essence of who I am and what my business is about. I would recommend Larissa to anyone who is looking to create a website for their business.

Thank you for helping to make my vision come to life!”

Jennifer Csajko – Love Coach


Stephanie“Larissa Parks is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I am so thankful that I was introduced to Larissa.

I expressed to a friend the concerns about my previous website. I hated it and it actually stopped me from networking because I was embarrassed for potential client to visit my website. It was actually stagnating my growth.

Larissa is a gem! I am so grateful that I took a leap of faith and decided to work with this dynamic woman. My website now embodies my essence and the heart and soul of my company.

From the first conversation Larissa understood what I wanted accomplish. She is creative, professional and an awesome web designer. My website pops and I love it! This is the 3rd time that I have had my website professionally done and it is the first time that I like it. I actually love it!

From the first conversation Larissa understood what I wanted accomplish. She is creative, professional and an awesome web designer. My website pops and I love it! This is the 3rd time that I have had my website professionally done and it is the first time that I like it. I actually love it!

Larissa listened to my concerns and she went above and beyond in developing my site for me. If you are looking for a web developer you are in the right place! I am networking again and proud to hand out my card with my new website and business is booming!

Thanks everything Larissa!!!”

Stephanie Perry
Executive Chef at Perry’s Catering


Robin Gardner-Jones“Working with Larissa was an amazing experience. I am a new Wedding Planner and I desperately needed help with my website. As a professional Wedding Planner, new in the industry, I have spent a lot of time and money educating myself so that I can be an excellent planner. The last thing I wanted to do was become entangled with learning about effective website design, SEO and tactics for driving traffic to my website.

I wanted someone to “just fix it” for me and tell me how to maintain it and that’s exactly what Larissa did! She took the information I had on my original website and breathed life into it. I was extremely happy with her ability to take my novice attempt at a website and turn it into a professional, user-friendly and stylish website.

Larissa effectively blends excellent technical skills with great communication skills; she made this project painless, efficient, fun, and ultimately better than my original vision. Not only did she bring my vision to fruition, but she gave me some great ideas to start my business out on the right foot and make it grow.

Larissa is amazingly easy to work with; she is fast, efficient and resourceful. She is, quite frankly, an asset to anyone privileged to work with her.

My experience working with Larissa was very positive and I highly recommend her and her services.”

Robin Gardner-Jones, Certified Wedding Planner
About the Details


Jeanne Dutel“I want to compliment Larissa Parks. My, oh my. She went to great lengths to help me when I had a vision, but not the know-how of creating a website and a blog, all in one. Honestly, I didn’t have a clue that both could be combined into one, and I must say, within a short turnaround time, Larissa listened and helped me “create from scratch” a web and blogsite I am very proud of.

I had a bad experience with another so-called web-designer in my initial efforts and I felt the second time, I needed to find a real professional who “I” could say what “I” wanted, and she could guide me, make recommendations and perfect it.

Larissa went to great lengths to guide me through the creation process and I just love the finished product, love the headliner, the banner, the artwork, the wording, love the professional look. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the results and would recommend anyone needing to design a website or create a blog, to contact Larissa.

I, in turn, have been telling friends and colleagues about my experience and I wouldn’t doubt if down the road you get a call from someone who liked MY website and wants one too!  Thanks again for all the hard work. Bravo!”

Jeanne Dutel
Dutel Me



“I started my cosmetic business with industry knowledge not business knowledge.

It was very scary for me but God sent an angel named Larissa Parks to the rescue!

She was really instrumental in getting me organized, and my online appearance was created with her.

I can’t imagine what starting Esther Phryne Beauty without her would’ve looked like!”

Indie Pierrot, Professional Make Up Artist
Esther Phryne Beauty


Lisa Bryant“Amazing and wonderful are too mild to describe Larissa and the quality of work she delivers.

Larissa took time to get to know me, my needs and vision for the site, and also made lots of recommendations.

She even answered questions and resolved issues that the previous designer never addressed.

We had a lot of challenges because of the prior work done, but Larissa was always unflappable and came with solutions to each problem.

If you want to partner with a knowledgeable professional that will deliver stunning results and provide timely turnaround, Larissa and 7 Winds VA is your ONLY choice!”

Lisa Bryant
Jireh Virtual Solutions



“Working with Larissa has been an easy process. Larissa is professional, a strong independent worker and always filled with ideas and targeted feedback.

Her work on our social media efforts helped to create a continuity in our online presence.”

Benardett Jno-Finn
Sénica Bodycare



Danielle Carter“If there is any doubt or hesitation in your mind as to whether or not you need to hire Larissa, let me tell you what you will certainly gain for your business if you do.

Larissa is hands down the best asset anyone can have for their business.

She’s organized, professional, creative and most importantly she’s a fantastic person.

Not only did she help me move my business forward and finally get my projects off the ground, she also suggested innovative new ideas that I hadn’t even thought of to make the most of my efforts! She even scoped out my competition for me – you can’t put a price tag on that kind of dedication.

One thing (of many) that really stood out to me about Larissa is her “make it happen” approach to business which really makes you feel like you have a business partner and not just an assistant.

I recommend her highly to anyone looking for a stellar partner to work with in your business.”

Danielle Carter
Full Bloom Weddings & Events



Rebecca Morehead“Larissa has been a very big asset to my consulting business in providing organizational structure for both employees and myself.

Her professionalism and project management skills are impeccable. She keeps track of every request and stays on target with project timelines.

She utilizes her talents in coordination and training to provide the needed information for all parties involved in each project.

Larissa has helped us with many other challenges such as creating our Human Resources policies and handling the hiring processes along with conducting regular performance evaluations.

She coordinates payroll and timesheet tracking systems. She easily locates more resources for us as we need them, and also conducts the interviews for those open positions.

Larissa helps us with research in our field of consulting as the need arises.

She provides quality work and always has a plethora of information gathered from her vast experiences.

I have found her to be loyal, efficient, hardworking and dependable. Larissa has my highest recommendation to anyone who is looking for a qualified leader in virtual assistance.”

Rebecca Morehead, CPCC
Practice Manager Solutions


Wendy Dahl“Larissa has been a breath of fresh air to my company. I came to her with several concepts and she has not only created processes for what I want to accomplish, but has done research on my competition, provided me with valuable resources and saved me both time and money.

Her ingenuity amazes me each time we talk.

I bring up a new idea and she comes up with ways to leverage what I am doing to increase my productivity which has given me time to focus on the things that are truly important in my life.

In addition, she keeps me focused on one project at a time which makes each step of the process run efficiently.

She has the unique ability to use both her left and right brain, bringing creativity to each project. Her enthusiasm and expertise make her a delight to work with.”

Wendy Dahl, Chief Inspiration Officer
Chic Productions


Lori Gilder“Larissa has single handedly help create and expand my design business by implementing an online presence within the first month of us working together.

When problems arise Larissa has the ability to solve them within minutes. If there is something she’s unfamiliar with she’ll learn it.

Her experience and knowledge in building organizational systems and ensuring they run smoothly is a great asset to any business owner.

Having someone as bright, creative and resourceful as Larissa on my side is a huge sense of relief. I couldn’t have done any of this without her. She’s a rock star!”

Lori Gilder
Interior Makeovers Inc.



Diana FontanezYour Services mean MORE Money in my Pocket and Freedom in my Life

“Before using the services of Larissa, I was stressed with the time consuming tasks of sending out my newsletter and promotional campaigns to my clients. These tasks take up valuable hours of my valuable time each week!

Delegating them to Larissa has freed up my time to focus ONLY on high paying activities like speaking with potential clients who could put $3,000 or more in my pocket in a one hour talk. Talk about delegating with a purpose! Your on-time services mean more money in my pocket and freedom in my life.

Thank you Larissa! Thank you.”

Diana Fontanez
Marketing and Sales Coach for the Hispanic Business Community


Dona Lyman“Before working with Larissa, I was struggling trying to keep organized and keep on top of multiple tasks.

From my first conversation with Larissa, I knew that Larissa’s blend of intelligence, organization, dependability, and efficiency were exactly what I needed.

Larissa’s support and guidance took the guesswork out of what I needed to do and made the transition simple.

Larissa is a forward thinker who jumped right in and seamlessly became a member of the team contributing valuable insights and ideas.

In just a month of working with Larissa, I had HOURS more of free time per week to either spend with my family or to invest it in my business. I couldn’t ask for more!

If you are considering hiring Larissa, don’t even put a second thought to it…just do it!!! She is the best!

Thank you Larissa! You rock!!”

Dona Lyman
The Mompreneur Coach


Michelle McBride“Larissa Parks is truly a “gem” in the industry! Larissa exudes a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm in conducting her business.

Since meeting Larissa, I have acquired valuable information from her about how to make my business more efficient and profitable. Larissa is a natural in helping business owners organize their work flow by supporting them as a Virtual Assistant.

Prior to meeting Larissa, I did not know much about the Virtual Assistance business. Since meeting her, I now understand the true value that a VA brings to any sized business.

Larissa is a bright, energetic businesswoman that gives her clients superior customer service and creative ideas. I highly recommend her VA services to all business owners that may want to take their business to the next level in profitability!”

Michelle McBride
McBride Merchant Services, Inc.


Kevin Donlin“Larissa is my Virtual Assistant and I can NOT imagine my business functioning without her.

She delights my customers with her emails and phone call support, she proactively suggests new improvements on my business process, and she never, ever fails to follow up and get assigned projects done.

I’ve worked with 3 other VA’s in the past and Larissa is the best of them all, hands down. I can’t recommend her too highly.”

Kevin Donlin
The Simple Job Search



Alice Goetschel“Larissa is my Virtual Assistant, and I don’t know how I would get along without her.

She’s amazingly efficient and proactive, thinking of things even before I do and then taking care of them for me.

She’s absolutely wonderful.”

Alice Goetschel
Memorable Occasions by Alice





Nathalie Ekobo

“Larissa keeps me focused and on track with all my projects.

With her smile and attention to detail, she is very efficient and always delivers projects and tasks on time. She helps me work at what I am really good at with my clients, while she takes care of the administrative and organizational parts.

Her talents are numerous, from social networking to book publishing, to helping me create a website presence. She is a magician and a fabulous support! I am happy to have her on my team and highly recommend her!”

Nathalie Ekobo – Success Coach, Certified SRT Teacher, Author, International Speaker
Be Magnifique


ChaChanna Simpson“I am a solopreneur and am quite used to working all day, every day. Because I know if I am not working, my business is not growing.

Finally, I decided that I needed help if I wanted my business to expand. Enter Larissa! Since partnering with Larissa, I have no idea how I survived without her.

She has helped my business move along much faster. She jumped right in, learned about my business and I was quickly able to delegate tasks to her I had thought only I could do. And you know what? Last week, I actually took two days off to do nothing! What a relief it is to know that I have her on my team!”

ChaChanna Simpson, Author
Life After College: What Your Parents and Professors Never Taught You


Patti Seipp“Larissa is an intelligent, highly motivated and instinctive entrepreneur.

She embraces the “can do” attitude.

Since collaborating with Larissa, I have benefited from her resourcefulness. Her knowledge of cutting-edge technology has saved me time and money. Larissa is consistent, cheerful, and dedicated to my success.

I thoroughly enjoy Larissa’s vibrant personality and find her to be an invaluable part of my professional team.”

Patti Seipp
Virtual Go2Girl


Kathy Watkins“When I launched my VA practice, I knew that I needed to establish a strong Internet presence very quickly.

Enter Larissa Parks. She created an attractive web site for me and had it up and running within just a few days; on time and on budget.

My web site is the single most important marketing tool in my business, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the job that Larissa did for me.”

Kathy Watkins
Turnkey Paraplanning